An invitation:

There has been a very heavy weight in my heart to prepare the body of Christ, the nation and the local city for the spirit of prayer to come and take hold of us.

You see, It is one thing for us to pray to take hold of God, but totally another realm of understanding when we travail and the Spirit of God comes and take hold of us, and both God and us will be interceding together.

That is what the Bible says in the Book of Romans chapter 8, that the Holy Spirit Himself will intercede with us with travail with Christ, and this is a better opportunity to learn.

Keeping that in mind and in line with what God is going to do, we have now called forth the Prepare Conference 2024:

April 18th, 19th and 20th 2024 (Thu-Sat)

7542 Lawyers Rd, Charlotte NC 28227
The Power of God Church

10am to 9pm daily
Registration starts at 9am

The theme that the Holy Spirit has laid very heavily on my heart is “By My Spirit”
that comes from the book of Zechariah, Chapter 4: Not by might not by power but
By My Spirit”

I am very certain there are many families, believers, intercessors leaders, pastors & ministers- we have tried everything that we can and yet there is something or an unction that is missing.

We should present ourselves before God and we pray that this time will be the time -
“By My Spirit” The Lord will usher once again His outpouring like the day of Pentecost and more upon us as we wait upon it.

We have God's powerful Servants of God - Brother Lou Engel and Brother Chris Berglund, now both of them do not need any introduction because they are well known all over America as the sons of thunder. If I could say, men who brought the spirit of prayer, travail and intercession for this nation.

What a privilege God has connected us for this season that we can invite them to come together. There will be such a heavy emphasis on “By My Spirit” prayer and travail by men who actually practice what they teach.

I want to invite all the Intercessors, if you have friends who are interceding for this nation please come together. We are praying that as we come together there will be a powerful synergy from heaven and God will visit us in a very powerful way.

There will be Spanish translations for these services.

Also, we have children’s special services (for ages 5-12) daily between 2-4pm by Sister BJ Jenkins author of prophetic children’s literature.
Registration is free for children ages 12 and below.

For guests who will be staying in Charlotte during the conference, a special rate is available at Comfort Inn (Matthews), quote “Jesus My King” when you call the hotel front desk to make your reservations.

Comfort Inn (Matthews) – located 15mins from conference venue
Address: 1718 Windsor Crossing Dr, Matthews, NC 28105
Phone: +1 (704) 845-5911

As you know, the presence of God In worship and during altar call ministry has always been at an exemplary level to everybody who have come from the day we started this conference.

I'm looking forward again that our Lord Jesus Christ will visit us in a very special way together with you. Let's pray that God will touch America, our lives, our children and the world in Jesus name.

God bless you and see you soon.

Rev. Dr. Steven Francis

Prepare Conference 2023 Day 3 Session 9

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